A Publishing Partnership

Aladdin Online Library, launched under the patronage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), is the result of a partnership between the Shoah Memorial Foundation in France (FMS), the UK Human Rights Foundation and Editions le Manuscrit.

The publishing operations of Aladdin Library are undertaken by Editions le Manuscrit, a French publisher that specializes in digital publishing. The partnership between Aladdin Library and Editions le Manuscrit is based on the need for an innovative approach to the art of publication: the need for fast and wide-reaching flow of knowledge, while at the same time respecting international copyright laws and authors' rights and royalties.

Aladdin Library and Editions le Manuscrit have put in place a system that guarantees the permanent availability of books in a double format: electronic books and paperbacks. Thanks to a ground-breaking arrangement with other publishers and authors, Aladdin Library is able to offer electronic books to its readers free of charge.

The Aladdin collection begins with the first authorised Arabic and Persian translation of four important books on the Holocaust. The library’s Experts Committee, which selects books for translation, has an ambitious programme to expand the collection with new titles to be added on a regular basis. Beyond books dealing with Holocaust history, Jewish culture and religion, and history of Jewish-Muslim relationship in different parts of the world that will appear in Arabic, Persian, and (later on) Turkish, the library will also include books in French and English to familiarise readers with aspects of cultures and societies in the Muslim world not widely known in the West.

Aladdin Library welcomes new sponsors and partners. We invite governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations, foundations, private corporations, educators, librarians, literary Web sites, publishers and book professionals around the world to join our sponsorship and partnership programs.